Looking for 2015 OAKtoberfest Neighbor Awards Nominations

    Photo: Mayor Brede, Tracy McCray, RNeighbors Board member Jesse Walsh, RNeighbors Executive Director Rene Lafflam, RNeighbors Board member Aaron Stelpfug, RNeighbors Board member Bob Nowicki, Legacy Award winner David E Byer and Green Thumb Award winner Mitch Moore.

    As part of the upcoming RNeighbors Oaktoberfest fundraiser, we will be recognizing Rochester neighbors whose efforts in our community strive to meet the mission of RNeighbors, “to create sustainable neighborhood networks that promote a vibrant, healthy, and livable community.”

    We will be giving three awards and are looking for your nominations of neighbors you feel should be honored in these categories.

    1. Green Initiative Award
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    Chalk the Block 2015

    National Night Out Tuesday, August 4, 2014
    The goal of National Night Out is to strengthen neighborhood spirit by having neighbors get together. Whether it’s a picnic, potluck, or an ice cream social, it’s a great time to get to know who lives in your neighborhood. During the evening the Mayor, members of the City Council, and McGruff the Crime Dog visit as many of the locations across Rochester as they can.

    Register your party or get more information at coptalklive.com.
    Sidewalk Chalk Art Extravaganza
    RNeighbors partners with Community Education’s Summer of Service (SOS) program in Chalk the Block, an opportunity for kids
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    2015 Fall Tree Grant Application Now Available

    Photo: On a sunny and bright Saturday, April 18, 2015, the RNeighborWoods team helped the NW Neighbors plant 25 new boulevard trees, thanks to a well-deserved Neighborhood Tree Grant.

    Trees make good neighbors.

    Since its creation in 2004, RNeighborWoods has organized 5,371 volunteers to plant 5,976 trees on Rochester boulevards. These trees provide multiple ecological and other public benefits including reducing Rochester’s carbon footprint. Once again the City of Rochester, RPU and RNeighbors is offering one grant for the winning neighborhood to receive 25 free boulevard trees.

    Announcing the RNeighborWoods Tree Grant!

    We have 25 trees that will all be awarded to a neighborhood
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    2015 Fall Citizen Forester Training

    Photo: On April 11, 2015, this crew of 45 spent four hours learning about and planting trees. They now can advocate and care for Rochester’s urban trees as official Citizen Foresters.

    When: Saturday, September 19, 2015, 8 am – Noon
    Where: Quarry Hill Nature Center
    Community Ed Class Number: TBD
    Price: $15.00

    Become a part of the Rochester urban forester team through this course led by the City of Rochester Forestry Division and RNeighborWoods. This class is packed with tree education and of course, some hands-on tree planting.

    You’ll be an active participant in learning tree planting basics, care, basic arboriculture, urban forest advocacy, and
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    Rochester Compost Bin and Rain Barrel Sale

    600 gallons. That’s the amount of free water that comes from a 1000 square foot roof in every one inch rain event. Harvesting rainwater and backyard composting don’t just make healthier plants; they also help sustain communities by reducing runoff.

    Stormwater runoff, a by-product of every rain event, carries organic materials loaded with phosphorus into our waterways and is fueling excess plant and algae growth that is plaguing Minnesota lakes. It is estimated that the urban communities alone contribute about 30% of the total phosphorus that enters the Mississippi River each year. In fact, just one pound of phosphorus, the equivalent
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    Trash Hauler Survey

    The Rochester City Council is considering altering Rochester’s system for collecting residential trash and recyclables. 

    The Rochester Public Works Department and the Rochester Energy Commission are conducting research to evaluate the costs and benefits of a new collection system. RNeighbors is partnering with the Energy Commission to conduct a very short ANONYMOUS survey on current collection costs. 

    This survey is important, because not all customers with the same hauler and the same size containers are paying the same amount. 

    This survey is only for residential customers who receive a bill from a trash hauler. It should take only 5 minutes
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    2015 RColorful Corners Street Mural Painting Schedule

    Salt, sand and snow plows give our street murals quite a beating during tough Minnesotan winters. But have no fear, we’re ready to help neighborhoods spruce up their street murals. Everyone is welcome to these street mural paintings, each start at 9 am. Just wear your painting clothes and we’ll provide everything else! You do not need to live in the neighborhood or have any painting skill at all to help in these fun community-building projects.

    More about the RColorful Corners street mural program can be found on our website.

    Come out and help add some color to our neighborhoods!
    RColorful Corners 2015
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    Mayor’s Council on Neighborhoods Meeting – June 2015

    Tuesday, June 17, 2015, the Mayor’s Council on Neighborhoods (MCN) held their eighth official meeting.

    Thanks to the Rochester Area Foundation for the excellent meeting space and to Mayor Brede for his support of the group.

    Representatives from the Slatterly, Sunnyside, Historic SW, Eastside, Parkway, Kutzky, Washington, Homestead Addition, and Downtown neighborhood associations were in attendance. Guests included Darrell Hildebrant, Police Department; Bob Nowicki, Rochesterfest; and Abby Larson, Public Health.

    The agenda included briefings on National Night Out, Rochesterfest and the Social Host Drinking Ordinance. The group had a good discussion on implementing structure into the MCN and established goals for the
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    Mayor’s Council on Neighborhoods Meeting – May 2015

    Tuesday, May 12, 2015, the Mayor’s Council on Neighborhoods (MCN) held their seventh official meeting. Thanks to the Rochester Area Foundation for the excellent meeting space and to Mayor Brede for his support of the group.

    Representatives from the Slatterly, Sunnyside, Historic SW, Eastside, Parkway, Friends of Indian Heights, Washington, NW Neighbors, and Downtown Neighborhood Associations were in attendance. The focus of this meeting was to hear about and discuss efforts of the MCN work group that was given the charge at the February MCN meeting to explore possible ways to increase and encourage citizen participation working with city government and
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    Spring 2015 Community Tree Planting


    The city’s boulevard tree spaces are currently over half empty and each year 1,000 boulevard trees are removed to disease or damage. We need your help to add 200 more street trees to the Sunnyside and Slatterly Park neighborhoods in southeast Rochester.  Much of this planting will focus on planting the “Right Trees in the Right Place” through placing short stature trees under power lines to prevent problems in the future of the trees growing into the wires.

    Saturday, May 2
    Starting at 8:30 am
    Meet at the RNeighbors offices’ parking lot, on the Fairgrounds at 1421 3rd Avenue SE.

    You’ll be able to see our
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