Council on Neighborhoods

Council on Neighborhoods

Mayor’s Council on Neighborhoods (MCN) Mission
To strengthen connections between Rochester neighborhood leaders and give neighborhoods a collective voice.

This group meets every two months, Tuesday, 5:30‐7 pm, unless a special meeting is called. Meetings take place in the Board Room, at the Rochester Area Foundation.

This group is inclusive. Any neighborhood group, whether a registered neighborhood association or not can attend meetings. No limit on number of attendees from each neighborhood. Voting can only be made by two representatives from each neighborhood association registered with RNeighbors.

The Council on Neighborhoods is not intended as a commission and will function independently, assisted by
RNeighbors (meeting facilitation and communication), answering to the Mayor.

Project Partners
In addition to the neighborhood leaders who volunteer to serve in the MCN, the Rochester Area Foundation provides meeting space, Mayor Brede supports the group and RNeighbors serves as an organizing entity.

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